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Helpful Hints:

To make your stay more enjoyable, here are a few facts and sugestions to help in planning your day. Families should plan to spend a minimum of 8 hours at Lagoon, Pioneer Village and Lagoon-A-Beach. Pioneer Villlage, alone, could turn into a one-day adventure. In planning your trip to Lagoon, you may wish to consider a day other than Saturday. Saturday traditionally being the "busiest" day at Lagoon.Sunday through Friday tend to be much "lighter".
* Before entering the park, be sure your family or group has a definite time and place to meet later in the day. I suggest that you avoid the front entrance area, as it is usually crowded late in the day.
* Lagoon accepts personal checks with a valid driver's license, as well as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and the Discover card for ticket purchases. The same cards are honored in the park's major gift shops. An ATM machine is also available by guest services at the front entrance, or next to Wac-A-Mole.
* Check with Strollers and stuff for lost and found items.
* Information dealing with Lagoon's Disabled Services and restrictions are available at Guest Services, or at any ticket window, Or Here. Entertainment guides are available through Guest Services, any ticket window, Or Here. Entertainment scheduled for the day is also posted on signs throughout the park.
* Shirts and shoes are required at Lagoon. Appropriate swim wear (no cutoffs or jeans) is required for guests of Lagoon-A-Beach. No alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are allowed into Lagoon-A-Bweach